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About Us

Segerstrom High School Theatre’s mission is to provide opportunities for students to work on stage or behind the scenes of high level theatrical productions for their classmates, faculty, parents, and the public.  


Producing and performing in plays, movies, and musicals allows students to experience and develop all four of the "21st Century Skills" of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.  Additionally, by developing productions of the highest quality, students will gain experience in a number of careers (on and off stage) in the Theatre Arts.


Our goal is to produce high quality productions that will allow students to learn and grow as performers, interpreters, designers, and managers.  We are attempting complex, professional shows that will push our students to achieve. With successful productions, students will have the experience of a lifetime that can improve their confidence, their focus and memory, their work ethic, and their empathy and understanding of others.  And they will have fond memories of Segerstrom High School, Santa Ana Unified School District, and the community that supported them.

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